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Tips on music, theater, dance, movies, television, photography, painting and sculpture

Get into museums free….
Most museums feature one day or one evening a week, or sometimes one day a month, when they don’t charge admission. You can see the best art in the world, from classic masterpieces to cutting-edge works, all for free.

Enjoy local music and dance for bargain prices and sometimes….‘free’
Community symphonies, chamber ensembles, and choirs offer great deals. College music departments feature all kinds of performances from symphony orchestras and soloists to jazz ensembles, a cappella groups and opera recitals; local dance companies and college dance programs can also offer an enormous variety of entertainment including ballet, jazz, and modern dance. Take advantage of great, local entertainment.

Try local theater groups for very reasonable entertainment
Local community theaters often produce professional-quality shows, and the ticket prices are very reasonable, while college theater can be a stimulating and cost-effective way to see live performances of works ranging from the classic to the experimental.

Instant table
Lay a flush door on two sawhorses and you’ll have an instant table. Put several together and you’ll have enough space for a banquet.