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by Muzora

Tips On Dramatic Acting

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Dramatic acting can be incredibly engaging and cathartic for an audience when its done right. Here are some tips that I’ve found that will help you improve your dramatic acting.

  • Don’t Judge

Characters in dramatic scripts are usually in situations with very high stakes. You should never judge the characters or their situation in dramatic acting. You must fully invest yourself into their circumstances to see how the characters would react in their dramatic situation. The characters situation might seem ridiculous in your own life, but you must commit to being someone else to fully portray the circumstances.

  • Find Parallels

Think of your own life and try to find parallels to the characters situation. You may not have been in such drastic circumstances, but see how the relationships you’ve had in your life parallel the character’s situation in the script. Have you been betrayed by someone you love? Have you ever been desperate for forgiveness? This will help you emotionally connect to your character’s circumstances.

  • Themes

Playwrights reveal a great deal of themes and ideas in their scripts. Familiarize yourself with these ideas and themes. Its important to be aware of the playwright’s scope on the world and what message they are trying to portray though the dramatic circumstances. This will give you better insight into the importance of your character to the story as whole.

  • Be Truthful

You can fake dramatic acting, but truly touching performances come from being truthful. An audience will connect to your performance through their own experiences. If you are being truthful to the character’s circumstances, the audience will share this experience along with you. Audiences love watching dramatic acting because it reflects their own lives and experiences. Your goal in dramatic acting is to portray life and humanity. You cannot accomplish this without being truthful to your character, the audience, and yourself.