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by Muzora

Teaching Drama Classes For Children

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      It is very challenging to teach drama classes for children. Here are some tips I know that will help make your drama class for children more effective:


  • Warm-Up

It’s always a good idea to warm up you class with a couple of exercises. This will get their minds started at the beginning of class and get their energy up. Acting takes a great deal of energy and its important to get them ready to exert themselves. This is especially important if you class is right after lunch.


  • Respect

Acting exercises require kids to put themselves on the spot and possibly embarrass themselves in front of their peers. It’s essential that you have everyone in the class show respect to who ever is on stage doing an exercise. You must create an atmosphere of support in order to allow the children to be free and creative. The kids should trust that the drama class is a safe environment for them to explore as young artists.


  • Discipline

Drama classes for children can often get out of hand because of the free nature acting exercises. It’s important that you manage your class as the teacher and discipline when necessary. You must create an atmosphere where students can focus and learn from their peers who are on stage. Correct the students who negatively take focus away from learning.


  • Jump In!

Jump in and do the exercises with your students. They will get a huge kick out of watching you perform. It will also challenge you to practice what you preach. It will help you bond with your class and show your students that you are willing to put yourself on the line like they are.