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by Muzora

Tips On Acting Auditions For Commercials

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Commercial Auditions are very different than TV/film auditions and require a different skill set. Here are some tips I’ve found that will improve your skills for commercial auditions:

  • The Slate

Your audition begins when you slate for the camera. Make sure to give them a great smile and say your name like you’re proud of it. It’s easy to blow off the slate, but you really are introducing yourself to casting, the director, producers, and the ad agency. Make a good impression.

  • Pay Attention

Often times you will not know what you are supposed to do until they give you the group explanation. Pay attention. They go very fast because they get tired of explaining it so many times, especially towards the end of the day. Knowing what to do when it’s your turn will make it easier on them and make you look really good. 

  • Practice the lines

If you have dialogue in the audition, practice it before you go in. It doesn’t matter how simple the line is, make sure you know what you want to do before you go in there. They will usually provide large cue cards, but it will help you to be free during the audition.

  • Improv

Commercial acting requires a great deal of improvisation, especially in auditions. They will often group you with two or three other actors in the audition and not give you any lines. The actors that usually shine in this situation are the great improvisers. Many working commercial actors come from improv backgrounds.

  • Have Fun

Commercial auditions often call for you to do very silly things. Have fun with it. Most commercials are about having fun and making their products look fun. Don’t judge the product you are auditioning for. Fully commit to what you are doing and play with it!