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by Muzora

Acting Auditions For Television

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      Auditioning for television requires a whole different skill set in addition to solid acting technique. Here are some tips on auditioning for television:


  • Know the genre

Its important to know what kind of television show you are auditioning for. Is it a sitcom, one-hour drama, sci-fi film etc.? It is essential to know the genre because it will completely affect the way you approach the scene. Every genre has a “feel”. Familiarize yourself with the feel.


  • Know the show

If you’ve never seen an episode of the show you are auditioning for, go watch one. It’s extremely important to know the characters in the show because it will give you more information about the other characters in the scene and your relationship to them.


  • Read carefully

This sounds simple, but you must carefully read the scene several times. Read every word on the page. Get as much information as you can. Where is the scene taking place? What time is it? What year? Don’t let any important information slip by you.


  • Show your face

Don’t bury your face in the script. Look up and connect with the casting director you are reading with. Most television auditions are on-camera, so it’s essential that you show your face. It will help you to create some chemistry between you and the person you are reading with.


  • Don’t marry the words

Don’t stress about getting every word perfect. It’s most important to show the circumstances of the scene rather than focus on getting every word verbatim. This doesn’t mean change every sentence in the scene. It’s just a reminder that the casting director looks more at your reactions and if you are able to bring the scene to life.


  • Have fun

Nothing will help your scene more than having fun with it. How often do you get a chance to show off your talent? Be bold, make strong choices, and use your instincts. This is what separates you from the hundreds of other actors reading in the casting office that week.