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by Muzora

Resources For Actors In Los Angeles

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      Resources can be an actor’s best friend in Los Angeles. Here are the top resources I’ve found for the LA actor:


comedy and tragedy
comedy and tragedy

  • IMDB Pro 

The Internet Movie Data Base website (imdb.com) is a vital resource for not only actors but also all professionals in the entertainment industry. An annual membership with IMDB Pro ($99.95) gives the most comprehensive data for film production, cast info, casting department, and much more. A unique resource in IMDB Pro is the ability to see whom each actor is represented by (their agent).


  • Showfax 

An annual membership with ($68.00) allows you to create an online profile and electronically submit for roles through actorsaccess.com. It’s important to note that these are public notices for roles and aren’t the same notices that agents receive. Membership also gives you access to download scripts for auditions. Another valuable resource they provide is a printable list of casting offices and what shows they are assigned to that year. Showfax also covers other cities like New York, Chicago, Vancouver, and Toronto.


  • LA Casting

Annual membership with Casting Networks Los Angeles (aka LA Casting) costs $60.00. It allows you create an online profile and submit to public casting notices much like actorsaccess.com. LA Casting is more geared toward commercials. You also get access to download scripts for commercials. A key resource of LA Casting is their comprehensive list of Casting Office/Agency addresses and printable mailing labels.


  • Networking Studios

There are many networking studios in LA that host workshops with casting directors, agents, managers, and producers. This is all for a fee of course. These studios can get expensive, but they can be a valuable place to be seen by industry professionals and network with other actors. Some even offer industry consultants that help with resume building, photographer referrals etc.


  • Variety & The Hollywood Reporter

These two publications (and their websites) give you the latest news on upcoming projects in the entertainment industry. They can be a valuable resource in knowing what possible roles can be coming up for you in the future. They also give you an insider’s knowledge on what’s hot and what’s not in the entertainment industry.


  • Backstage.com

This entertainment industry publication is more dedicated to casting notices and career opportunities. It also contains reviews of local plays and notices of what’s going on with the arts in LA.


  • Your Friends

LA can seem like a small city at times and you’ll be surprised the wide range of people you end up knowing. Ask your friends who work in casting offices what’s going on with their TV projects. Talk to people you know in film production about the new film they’re shooting. You’re friends are a giant resource for you. Learn how to how to utilize that.