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by TeraFaye

Tips on Trimming Cat Claws

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Reduce scratches on your furniture and on yourself by trimming your cat’s claws. I never used to trim my cat’s claws because I thought it would be too much of a hassle. Then I learned these simple steps and trimming has become quick and effective.


  • Choose a small room that can be closed off to trim your cat’s claws. There will be fewer distractions and no escapes for your cat.


  • You will need a thick towel, cat nail clippers, and cornstarch or styptic powder.


  • Make sure to have everything you will need to trim your cat’s claws nearby before you begin so it is easily accessible when you need it. This way the trimming process can be fast and easy and you do not have to set your cat down in order to go get something.


  • Wrap your cat in a thick towel. This gives you better control of her.


  • Use a soft, reassuring voice to talk to your cat while you gently trim each nail.


  • After you finish trimming, give your cat lots of praise and a treat. If you are consistent with offering a treat afterwards your cat will start to look forward to the promised reward and behave during the nail cutting process.


  • Do not panic if you accidentally cut your cat’s claws too short and they start to bleed. Keep speaking in a soft, reassuring voice and dab cornstarch or styptic powder onto the nail. Either of these powders is a safe and effective way to stop bleeding.



  • When you open the door to let your cat out, wait 10 seconds before you follow her out. Delaying just slightly lets your cat know that you are not going to chase her.