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by TeraFaye

Tips on Giving a Dog a Bath

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Giving a dog a positive first bath experience is essential to having successful baths in the future.  I bathed my first dog wrong and bath time ended up always being a misery for both of us. I since have learned a few tips that help dogs to relax and behave during bath time.

If your dog freaks out gently try to calm him down.
If your dog freaks out gently try to calm him
Bathe Early

The earlier you start washing your dog, the better. The younger a puppy is when he is exposed to the bath the easier it is for bathing to become a natural part of a dog’s life. 

Bathe Frequently

The more often you bathe your dog the more familiar he will become to the bath experience.  

Use Positive Reinforcement

While bathing your dog it is important to praise and encourage him throughout the entire process.  Dogs respond very well to encouragement and attention. If your dog freaks out gently try to calm him down. Yelling at him or shouting no will only unsettle him more.

Follow a Routine

It is important to follow a routine so your dog can feel comfortable and relaxed with the familiar at bath time.

  • Fill the tub you are using to wash him with enough warm water to only cover his feet. Place him in the tub while praising and petting him.
  • While your dog is in the bath slowly add more warm water so that his legs are eventually covered.
  • Lather animal safe conditioning shampoo all over your dog’s coat. It is important to use a gently shampoo so you do not irritate your dog’s senses.
  • Gently rinse the shampoo out of your dog’s hair with a cup or hand held shower head.
  • While towel drying your dog play with him. Tell him what a good dog he is and give him a treat for behaving during the bath.