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by olakos2000

How to find your IP

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If you spend a lot of time on the Internet, chances are that at some point you will have to know your IP address. IP (or Interne t Protocol) address is a unique signature of your computer.

IP comes as a set of four groups of numbers. The numbers could be single, double, or triple digits and they are separated by periods. To find your IP address:

In Vista:

  • Go to “Control Panel”
  • Find “Network and Sharing Center”
  • Look through the columns and find “Connection.” To the right of it, written  in blue letters, click on “View Status”
  •  Another window will appear. Click on “Details” button.
  • The next window will show up. Your IP address will be in one of the columns.

In XP:

  • Go to “Control Panel”
  • Find “Network Connections”
  • Look to your left. Scroll down if necessary. In Details section you will see information about Local Area Connection. Among this information, you will see your IP address.