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by tpgutshall

How to address your wedding announcments

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To a Married  Couple

You need to include both names on the outer envelope. Guests rely on the outer envelope to determine who exactly is invited. For example:


Mr. William and Mrs. Melissa Simpson


Mr. and Mrs. William Simpson
555 Main Street
Roanoke, VA 22016


The Inner Envelope

On the inner envelope, lose the first names or the titles and last names if you're very close with the couple:


Mr. and Mrs. Simpson


William and Melissa


Formal invitations are always slipped into an unsealed inner envelope to be placed inside the outer envelope. They are addressed in a more informal fashion and include the names of all invitees at the address, including children. For example: Mr. and Mrs. William and Melissa Simpson, Rachel and Troy


To a Married Couple Uses Different Last Names

List the person you're closest with first on the outer and inner envelope. If you're similarly acquainted with both, list them in alphabetical order.


Mr. William Simpson and Mrs. Melissa Stewart


To an Unmarried Couple Living Together

Like a married couple, both names should be included on the envelope, but in this case, each name gets its own line.


Mr. William Simpson
Ms. Melissa Stewart
555 Main Street
Roanoke, VA 22016


Again, go for alphabetical order if you know the couple well. If you're primarily friends with only one member of the couple, it's completely acceptable to address the outer envelope to that person and include "and Guest" or that person's name on the inner envelope:


Mr. Simpson and Ms. Stewart


Mr. Simpson and Guest


To a Same-Sex Couple

Use the same rules as you would for any other unmarried or married couple. If the couple is married or lives together, list them on the same line:


Ms. Ellen Deer and Ms. Jackie Park


Or simply list their full names on the same line without titles.


Ellen Deer and Jackie Park


On the inner envelope, use titles and last names:


Ms. Deer and Ms. Park


Or you can skip titles and simply address it to their first names.


To a Married Woman Doctor or Two Married Doctors

If a woman uses her maiden name professionally and socially, the outer envelope should read:


Dr. Mary Flowers and Mr. Allen Treece


Or, if she uses her husband's name socially:


Dr. Mary and Mr. Allen Treece


If both parties are doctors, you can address the outer envelope:

The Drs. Treece




Drs. Mary and Allen Treece


The same format is followed for other distinguished titles, such as reverend and honorable.


To Children and Families

Younger guests can be included on the inner envelope of their parents' invitation by their name(s) or "and Family" -- although the latter is easier to misinterpret.


Mr. and Mrs. Roger Pulitzer
Lilly, Alan, and Christopher



Mr. and Mrs. Roger Pulitzer and Family


To Children 18 and Older

They should receive their own invitations, although siblings over 18 can be sent a joint invitation, in which case the outer envelope should include their names alphabetically on individual lines:

Miss Samantha McCoy
Miss Wanda McCoy
Mr. Sebastian McCoy


If you don't include "and Family" or each child's name, you're implying that children are not invited. However, do not be surprised if some guests still assume their children are welcome. If you are concerned this will happen with your guests, ask your immediate family and bridal party to help spread the word that the wedding will be adults only.