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by Muzora

Get Film Score Music For Your Independent Film

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Finding authentic film score music can help make your independent film stand out amongst the thousands produced every year. Check out these tips on finding the right music for your indie film:

  • Pick The Moments

Carefully watch a rough-cut of your film. Mark down the moments that you feel music would enhance the scene. Write down the mood of the song you would pick for that particular moment. Make notes about the characters and the type of music that represents their nature.

  • Genre

After watching the film, think about a genre of music that would best suit the “feel” of the movie. Does the film need orchestral music? Foreign music based on the setting? Is the story youthful (pop music)? Gritty (hip-hop or punk)? Using a common genre of music that fits the story will set the tone for the film and will greatly enhance the film’s impression on the viewers.

  • Theme Song

Think of a theme song that would best fit the overall theme of the movie. This song/riff can repeat throughout the film to constantly highlight the overall theme of the film. The most successful example of this is Nino Rota’s haunting theme for the The Godfather.

  • Acquire Music

Music licensing for well-known artists is very expensive. Look into independent artists who are willing to give their music to your film for exposure (or a reasonable price). There are tons of artists out there who would love the opportunity to be in a good film. Go to live shows. Check out MySpace artist pages. Ask your friends if they know any talented musicians. Find a fresh sound to help make your film completely original and authentic.