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by Muzora

What is the best way to clean oil painting brushes?

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Properly cleaning your oil painting brushes will save you from having to constantly replace your brushes. Check out these tips on how to clean your painting brushes:

oil paint brush and palette
oil paint brush and palette

  • The Excess

Put on a pair of latex gloves. Wipe off the excess paint from your brushes with a cloth or your fingers. Gently pull on the brushes when wiping off the paint, but make sure not to pull to hard on the bristles. It is easy to pull the bristles out of the ferrule (metal clamp) that holds them together.


  • Rinse

Rinse the bristles with nail polish remover or turpentine until you no longer see paint on the bristles. Nail polish remover is made of the same chemicals as lacquer thinner and is very effective in removing oil paints. After the paint is removed wipe the bristles again with a cloth or tissue paper.


  • Soap And Water

Gently clean the bristles with mild soap and water. Dab the bristles on a bar of soap to work up a sufficient later. Rinse the bristles with water and repeat the process if you see any remaining paint on the bristles. Shake off all the excess water and shape the bristles back to their original form.


  • Drying

Wrap tissue or toilet paper around the bristles and stand the brushes on the handle end. Store the brushes in at room temperature let them dry. The paper on the bristles will contract as it dries. This helps to shape the bristles into their original form as they dry.


Note: Baby wipes will work well to remove the paint that tends to splash on your skin during brush cleaning.