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by Dutchman

Tips for Storing files and documents on your computer

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When I first started saving files on a computer, my biggest problem quickly became finding them again.

No more lost files
No more lost files
After a period of frustration, and having to recreate several lost documents, to this day still lodged somewhere in the dark innards of my computer, I finally learned some simple tips that save me hours of file searching.

  • Start the name of the document with the date. Type it Year-Month-Day (YYYY-MM-DD). This will allow your computer to automatically store your documents or file in exact chronological order.
  • Follow the date with a word or two that best describes the file, for example: (2007-5-25.budget projection)
  • Store the computer file in a folder according to a particular subject, topic, or business account. Subfolders can be used for more detailed needs.

Once you get used to this method of storing your computer files you will find that your files rarely get lost, and backing up the proper files will also become a much easier task.