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by Dutchman

Email Security Tips

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 A few easy precautions relating to your email security can save you months of frustration and thousands of dollars stolen from you.

 Phony emails designed to trick you into providing personal information and passwords is fast approaching epidemic proportions .

A large percentage of daily emails assumed to be from legitimate banks, brokers, or online businesses that each of us deals with daily are actually traps attempting to steal your cash or part of your life. Today alone I had two attempts to extract bank information, and within the last year experienced an online credit card theft. None of these attempts were successful but thousands of people a day are not so lucky.

 A few easy precautions can help you protect yourself

  • Never assume any unsolicited emails from you bank or any online business you deal with are genuine.
  • Never click on an email link to log into your account.
  • To navigate you your accounts always type in the page address.
  • If you suspect fraud call the institution and report it. In most cases they will be very active in investigating the matter since their online business depends on user confidence.
  • Never volunteer additional unnecessary information, even to your trusted businesses. Only provide information if you believe there is a legitimate need for it.
  • Never reply to unsolicited emails unless you are confident of the source.
  • Observe the reply email address. If it is not