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by dotzjohn

Beeswax candle making

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Homemade beeswax candles are an easy and elegant project that the whole family can enjoy.

beeswax candle
beeswax candle
With a few simple materials, you can make great candles for use at home, or to give as a practical gift.  Since there is no heating or melted wax required, they are a safe project for even young children.

To get started, you'll need a few items from your local craft store:

  • Beeswax sheets (typically sold in an 8" x 16" standard size)
  • Pre-waxed wick
  • a cutting surface
  • a sharp knife (a razor, or sharp kitchen knife
  • decorative extras, like glitter, beads and ribbon

Starting your beeswax candle

Start by measuring a piece of wick, about 1 1/2 inches longer than your beeswax sheet.  Lay the wick across one end of the beeswax, and carefully fold the beeswax over the wick, using about a 1/8 inch overhang.  Press the wax firmly into the wick.

Next, gently begin to roll the remaining wax around the wick, making sure to not press too hard on the wax.  Keeping the wax roll straight, continue until the whole sheet is wrapped firmly around the wick.  When you reach the end, gently press and smooth the seam so it sticks. That's it! Your first candle!

Inspect both ends of your new candle,  If one end is more attractive than the other, use that end as the top, and trim off the extra wick on the opposite end.

From Basics to Beautiful

Now that you have completed your first candle, you can experiment with different techniques to produce a wide variety of beeswax candles. 

Cutting your beeswax sheet at an angle, can give your candle a nice spiral effect.

Decorating your candle by rolling it in glitter, or gently pressing colorful beads or charms into the wax can add a touch of elegance.

Whether made for yourself or to give as a gift, everyone will enjoy the subtle fragrance of the new candle!

rolled beeswax candles
rolled beeswax candles