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by creaturefeature

Pitbull training tips

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Pitbull training tips


Pitbulls are no different than any other dog breed, they just happen to have gotten a bad reputation do to very bad and stupid people. I have trained and worked with many and I love this breed. Properly trained, they are affectionate, loving and protective pets. They have a great sense of humor and love to please.

  • Don’t get any puppy younger than 8 weeks of age. Let them develop social skills among their mother and siblings. This goes a long way for any breed of puppy as to how they will interact with other dogs.
  • Buy only from reputable breeders. The dogs and the kennel should be clean, the adults should be friendly, and if they are being raised with kids and in a household environment, so much the better.
  • Temperament- test your puppy before you buy.
  • Make sure your puppy is healthy and checked over by your veterinarian.
  • Start your puppy and socialize, socialize, socialize! Take your puppy everywhere with you and introduce her to everyone you can. People are not afraid of puppies and most are willing to make a fuss over her/him. Give people treats to feed your puppy if the puppy seems a little hesitant. You want all contact with people to be pleasant. Don’t let children grab your puppy and pull on it. Make the kids be respectful.
  • You should approach any strangers with a pleasant and friendly attitude. This lets your puppy know that you are in charge and that you are not alarmed. This allows the puppy to relax.
  • Pitbulls do not need or do well with harsh training. They can be stubborn and you just have to have more patience and out wait them. Don’t confine yourself to a time schedule with training. Patience and a calm attitude are the trick to training this breed. Use lots of positive re-enforcement and play to get them to obey. If they think it’s a game, they do much better than if they are forced.
  • Due to society’s stigma against this breed, I recommend getting an AKC Canine Good Citizenship award every 2 years as proof that your dog is able to safely be among the public.