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by creaturefeature

Dog Training Tools

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Dog Training Tools


After training for over 30 years, there are a few tried and true tools that I believe in and continue to use.


There are many tools available to train your dog. The type of tools you use should depend upon the breed of your dog and what you are trying to train your dog to do. 


Most people simply want a dog to walk quietly on the leash, sit, down and come when called. The tools needed for these behaviors are simply a 6 foot leash, a good quality collar that has some part of it that works as a slip, food, a clicker and lots of praise.


Stay away from the prong collars and electric collars. These have the potential for abuse and can damage your dog if used incorrectly. Leave these devices for the experts.


As you train your dog, a 6 ft. leash is best. Don’t think of it as a restraint. Rather think of it as a guide to help show your dog the position you want it to be in.


The collar should have some slip action so the dog can tell when it is the correct position. A normal collar will create constant tension around the neck and actually promotes pulling in the dog. The slip collar loosens when the dog is where it should be and the dog can relax knowing it is correct.


Most dogs are food motivated and giving it a food reward when it has done something correctly helps to fix that good behavior in its’ memory.


Many people use a clicker to immediately tell the dog when it is correct. The click is faster than simply giving it food (which is then given after the click). Read up on this technique and make sure you have the timing down before you try this.


Use lots of praise! Your dog will thrive on this and it is the best motivation for your dog to be obedient.