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by creaturefeature

Guard dog breeds

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Guard dog breeds

Dogs have been with mankind for thousands of years and have always played a part in guarding not only their human masters, but also protecting our possessions. Most of our dogs will do this to some degree. There are breeds that have been specially developed to do guard duty. These are a few of them.


  • Working breeds: These are dogs such as the Rottwieller, Doberman Pinscher and Giant Schnauzer. These breeds and other working dogs are very intelligent with a high drive to protect what they consider to be part of their family. They are also easily trained to protect property and things. They do best when they can work closely with a handler.


  • Herding breeds: Most of these breeds also are intelligent and excellent protectors of their families and property. Pulis, German Shepards, and Beauceron are examples. Many of the breeds in this group have been bred to have milder temperaments and so while all of these breeds should give an alarm, not all will actually protect. Many of these breeds are left to themselves to protect the herds and so can do well with less human involvement.


  • Sporting breeds: This group includes Labradors, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, spaniels and setters. Many in this group are better at being watchdogs than guard dogs, but don’t discount them entirely. These dogs will defend their families but may not make the same commitment to property.