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by creaturefeature

Getting a puppy

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Getting a puppy


After many years of showing and working around dogs, I seen many types of puppies. Here are a few tips on how to get a healthy puppy that I right for you.


  • Read up on the breeds. There are many books available on the different breeds and how to get the best dog suited to you.


  • DO NOT buy from a puppymill! You may feel sorry for the puppy and feel you are rescuing it, but what you are really doing is bringing in income to perpetuate the puppymill. Puppymill dogs have no socialization and are usually in poor health. Pet stores are the greatest source of puppymill dogs.



  • If you buy a puppy, try to see both parents. How the parents act is typically how the puppy will act when it is grown. Make sure you get a health guarantee on the puppy.


  • If you buy from an animal shelter, have the puppy moved to a quiet room where it is just you and the puppy. Give the puppy time to settle before making a decision. No matter how sorry you may feel, don’t take the puppy who cowers in the corner and tries to hide. You want a friendly pup who is willing to say hello to the world even if you have to coax it a little.


  • Temperament- test the puppy.


  • Take the puppy to your veterinarian for a check-up. You don’t want a puppy who is going to run up medical bills all of its’ life.


  • Have a crate ready for your puppy when you get it home. This will help to house break it and give it a place to rest quietly when family life gets overwhelming.


  • Have a water bowl and food bowl ready as well as a few toys.


  • Feed only quality food! Try to avoid foods with corn or wheat as one of the top three ingredients. Many dogs develop allergies to these foods. You also don't want to buy foods with artificial colors and preserevatives. These are no more healthy for your dog than they are for you.