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by creaturefeature

How to Get Urine Odors Out of Carpets

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How to Get Urine Odors Out of Carpets


My mother-in-law told me about this. I love her for this! Human, dog, cat urine; this really works.


You will need a 16 gauge needle and a 60cc syringe. You can get these at most livestock feed stores or veterinary hospitals. You also will need to go to an industrial cleaning supply store and get a bio-enzyme odor digester. I use AIRx 66. It is a sub-surface cleaner.

  • For the best results first steam clean your carpet. This actually brings the odor to the surface so you can better tell where the stench is coming from. It doesn’t matter if the carpet dries or not before you use the bio-enzyme digester.
  • After I find the area that the odor is coming from, I stick the needle through the carpet to the floor boards. Urine soaks down to the floor boards which is why it is so hard to get rid of.
  • Take the 60cc syringe and pull it apart. Put your finger over the needle opening end of the syringe and fill the syringe with the digester. Then attach the syringe to the needle. Push the plunger in and empty about 20cc through the needle. Move the syringe and needle a few inches and repeat.
  •  Keep repeating until you have covered the entire area that stinks. You will notice an almost immediate cessation of the odor.

This doesn’t remove the stains though. What works best for my beige carpet is if the puppy urine is fresh, I blot it with a chamois first. Then I make a paste of Oxiclean and baking soda and pat it in and lift it off with the stain. Remember, you should always first test a small part of your carpet before applying anything to it.