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by shelby

Tips for selling your home

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If you are a home seller ignore these Myths,  follow these Musts, and avoid Mayhem

I want an agent who lives in my neighborhood.  I see their signs all the time, they must be good.

With today’s technology at any agent’s fingertips, you don’t necessarily need to use some one close to home. Use a seasoned professional who has enough years of experience to know the route from your home to the closing table. Look for experience, professional manner, achievements, consistency, knowledge and proven success. Trust and honesty is key.

I want an agent who will hold open houses, put flyers in my yard and show my house often.

Open houses as a rule are offered by companies who want to promote themselves. You are their vehicle for attracting new agents and marketing the company name.

Open houses are also a way for agents to sign on buyers who stop by who are dreaming about owning a house like yours one day.

Less than 5% of sales result from an open house.  Listen to your agent. If the agent likes holding an open house, then go for it. If the agent advises against it, it is because time and money is better invested in other places for the benefit of selling your home. 

I want lots of photos, virtual tours and internet exposure.

0ver 85% of today’s buyers is search the web.  Photos and tours are an invaluable aid. Make sure your agent gives you this ‘must have’ exposure.

My agent wants me to move some furniture out and store photos, books and personal items. I don’t want to go to this trouble when my house is so homey the way it is.

You are selling your home, not your possessions.   Prospects want to see the space they may buy and visually place their furniture in your home. The less you have to distract them the better.

Myth or Must
My house is not selling and I think I need to change agents.

If you house is priced right and shows well, it will sell, but it may take time. Give it time with a proven professional. Changing agencies often is a red flag for agents showing your home. It indicates unrealistic expectations on the seller’s part.  Be patient and let the house sell when the buyer appears. 

However, if your agent does not follow up after showings or contact you on a regular basis, market your home or take any interest once it is listed, then maybe it is time to look around.

I want to list high and hope someone loves my house enough to buy it at my price.

Listing your home at the right price is key. Find an agent who knows the statistics of your neighborhood, including past sales, features of the homes sold compared to yours, age of your home, schools, and all pertinent information needed in your area to price your home for the market. In today’s market, you must be competitive.  Insisting on a high price will delay your sale. It will become “stale” slowing down showings and potential sales. Price it right from the beginning.

I don’t want to list my house until I am sure I can find the right new home.

You need your home active on the market while looking at the same time.  You are never in a good negotiating position when you must first sell your home to buy another home without the benefit of it being active on the market.

My mother is a real estate appraiser in Alaska and my dad owns his own advertising agency in Arizona. My brother sells real estate in New York. I have an agent,  but I think  all this advice will help me make a good decision when selling.

Hire a local agent with a proven track record.  No one can advise you better about your area, your neighborhood, and your real estate market than a professional who works full time selling real estate in your locale. All markets are different. Hire someone you can trust who is honest and follow that person’s guidelines and advice.


I want to list with the agent who gives me the highest listing price.Some agents will inflate the price just to secure a listing. Seasoned agents know better.  Screen all agents and have them bring comparable sales and give you a good reason why they want to price it. Pricing your home right is key.  What sold down the street from you may or may not compare to your home.