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by creaturefeature

Guard Dog Training

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Guard Dog Training

I’ve been a dog trainer for many years. Here is my advice for “training” a guard dog.


  • If you need a dog to guard protect property, go to a professional agency that provides such dogs. Training one yourself is not for the novice. These dogs are highly specialized to do their jobs and it is very easy to make mistakes which create dangerous animals.


  • Creating a guard dog by starving it, tying it up and abusing it only makes a dog you dare not turn your back on and is a threat and danger to everyone.


  • If you want a guard dog for your home and family, you really don’t need any specialized training! Many dogs are willing to give their lives for their families if they have been allowed to become part of the family.


  • The working breeds, herding breeds, mastiff breeds and sporting breeds make the best guard dogs. Most of these dogs are bred to work closely with people or to protect livestock so they have it hardwired in them to defend what they consider to be their family. Read up on the various breeds and you’ll find which breed is the best fit for you.


  • It is important that you let your dog know who are considered friends and who are intruders. They get these cues from you. Greet friends with enthusiasm so your dog knows to include them as part of their “pack”. You don’t want a dog that is going to be aggressive with everyone, especially children. All dogs should be well socialized. They can tell by your posture who you feel comfortable around.


  • You want a dog that “ramps” up when confronted by strangers. By this I mean a dog that first will growl, then position itself between you and the stranger, then approach the stranger before having to go to the extreme of biting. The dog’s first priority is to protect. The last thing you want is a dog that will imediately attack anything that moves.