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by TeraFaye

Tips on Using an Ingrown Toenail File

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An ingrown toenail, when the edge of your nail grows into the skin of your toe, is extremely painful.  Use an ingrown toenail file to fix the ingrown toenail and walk away pain free today. Just follow these simple steps:


Soak your feet for 15 minutes.  Soaking your feet will soften ingrown toe nails and make it easier to file down.  It is best to use hot water mixed with Epsom salt which helps to prevent infection.


Lift your ingrown toenail up and file down. Using an ingrown toenail file put the file tip under the ingrown toenail and lift it out of your skin.  Although this is painful, the relief afterward is worth the effort. Once the nail has been removed from the toe, use the ingrown toe nail file to file it down so that it does not push down into your skin any longer.


Keep the toe nail in control.  As your toenail begins to grow, continue to pull it up and file it down with the ingrown toenail file before it can grown back into your toe and cause pain. If you do this frequently enough you may be able to condition the nail to grow normally instead of into the skin.


Purchase an ingrown toenail file. You can find ingrown toenail files for $10 to $15 online and at your local drug store. Ingrown toenail files are different from regular nail files. They have a wide file on one end, and a small file with a flat edge on the other side to lift the toenail up out of the toe.