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by coureurdebois

Play audition tips

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An open audition is your job interview and your time to shine. These play audition tips can make it easier to land a part in the next production.

  • Read the play before you go. Be familiar with the characters in the play, especially the characters you are interested in playing.
  • Be on time. Your tardiness might signal – right or wrong – the directors that you have a habit of being late.
  • Have ready a written list of your acting training, acting experience, contact information, etc.
  • Warm up your voice on the way to the audition. You won’t get a fair shake if your voice is not warmed up 
  • Warm up your body. Walk around the block and do some calisthenics before you enter the audition area. But don’t get yourself winded.
  • Unless you are sure about hair and facial hair styles in the play, don’t cut your hair or beard until the directors tell you to. If you’ve prepared for auditions by appropriately growing out your beard or hair, it can indicate your dedication to the production.
  • Be confident – even if your confidence is just an act.
  • Ask appropriate questions. Questions indicate interest. But be respectful and don't take up too much time. 
  • Be prepared to answer questions, such as your availability for rehearsals.
  • If it is a musical play, have ready a practiced song or songs (with sheet music for accompanists) that can show your singing abilities. Choose a song you can sing with confidence, not one that stretches your range and ability.
  • Volunteer to stay longer to read cue lines for other auditioners. This gives more opportunity for you to demonstrate to the directors what you can do.
  • If you are not familiar with the production company, especially if auditions are in a seedy part of town, bring a friend to help give you an objective perspective.