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by Muzora

Learn To Hip Hop Dance

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Learning how to hip hop dance will help you garner admiration during any dance party. Here are some basic moves to help you learn basic hip-hop dance:

The chest pop is a great modern hip -hop dance move to learn.
The chest pop is a great modern hip -hop dance
move to learn.

  • Kick Ball Change

The kick ball change is a fundamental step in hip-hop choreography but it can be implemented into freestyle dance. With your feet shoulder-width apart, kick your right foot out in front of you and cross it in front of you left foot. Move your left foot out, lean on it, and then transfer your weight back to your right foot. Kick your left foot out and repeat the previous steps using the opposite feet.

  • Walk It Out

Walk it out is the hip-hop version of the twist. Twist your legs left and right just like The Twist but keep your legs side-to-side (instead of throwing one leg the other like The Twist). Make sure to also pick up your heel as you twist it out. Throw your arms back and forth with your hips. You can even lock in position on a certain beat to add your own flavor.

  • Chest Pop

The chest pop is a great modern hip -hop dance move to learn. Stand with your shoulders relaxed and your chest in its normal position. Push your chest out as far as you can without moving your shoulders, and then bring your chest back to its normal position. To add extra flair to the your chest pop, place the fingertips of your right or left hand over the middle of you chest and flex your fingers out. As you push your chest out, flatten your hand until your palm is resting on your chest. Return your hand to the flexed position when you bring you chest back in. Do this move on when the bass hits during the song. This will give the effect of a heartbeat.

  • Body Roll

The body roll is a classic hip-hop move. Start by standing with your arms relaxed and your legs slightly bent. Slowly straighten your knees while pushing your hips out. After your hips are push out, push your chest out and let your shoulders rock back. Bring your shoulders up, then your elbows (parallel with the ground), then your wrist, your palms, and then slowly roll fingers out until they are pointed in the air. The body roll should give the illusion that an imaginary passing through your body. Pass the ball from your feet, to your legs, through your body, to your shoulders, your arms, and all the way through fingertips. The body roll looks best when it is done very fluidly.