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by Muzora

Tips On Learning To Rap

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Learning to rap takes a great deal of practice like any other art form. Here are some tips that will guide you on learning how to rap:

Build your rhyming vocabulary. This will strengthen your lyrics.
Build your rhyming vocabulary. This will
strengthen your lyrics.

  • Study The Classics

Listen to good rappers. Find the ones that influence you the most. Its important to listen to the best rappers in order to know how high the art form can go. Study the classic albums like: “Illmatic”-Nas, “The Low End Theory”- Tribe Called Quest, “All Eyez On Me”- 2Pac, “The Miseducation Of Lauren Hill”-Lauren Hill, “Paid In Full”- Eric B. and Rakim, “Ready To Die”-Notorious B.I.G. among many others.

  • Learn To Freestyle

Most of the great rappers started out freestyling. It’s very hard but learning how to freestyle is an essential part of learning how to rap. Start out with simple rhymes. Don’t feel silly about what you say. Practice letting the words flow out of your mouth to the beat. Keep going if you can’t think of a rhyme. Don’t worry about tripping over your words at first. This will teach you to speak your lines to the beat and to think of rhymes on your feet. Freestyle rapping takes a tremendous amount of practice. You’ll get better the more you do it!

  • Start Writing

Write lyrics as much as you can. Take a notepad with you where ever you go. Jot down clever lines that come to you during the day. Get a dictionary and a thesaurus. Build your rhyming vocabulary. This will strengthen your lyrics. It will also build your “rhyme library” in your head. You’ll see the benefit if this next time you freestyle.

  • Metaphors and Similes

Bring your lyrics to a higher level by using metaphors and similes. Good rappers use them to make their lines clever, humorous, and to paint a picture. Some of the most memorable rhymes in rap are metaphors and similes like: “Honeys play me close like butter play toast”-Notorious B.I.G., “I love you like a fat kid love cake”-50 Cent “Verbal vegetarian, I squashed beef with Ice Cube”-Common. Use as many similes and metaphors as you can in your lyrics. This will show creativity, intelligence, and imagery in your lyrics.