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by Muzora

Tips On Getting Into Film School

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Getting into film schools is highly competitive. In order to expect admission to any of the top film schools you must be at the top of your game. Here are some tips on getting into a good film school:


  • Be A Good Writer

It is essential that you learn to write well before applying to film school. They look for applicants who can communicate clearly and are creative. Most of the top film schools (University of Southern California, New York University) require you to submit writing samples and a portfolio along with your application. You don’t have to be an experienced screenwriter. They look for applicants who can tell a story creatively and effectively in any genre. Take a writing course at a community college if you need to brush up on your writing skills. Do your best to compile an impressive portfolio. Show them that you’ve that you’ve had some previous writing experience.


  • Shoot Video

Films schools will also ask you to submit any video you’ve previously shot. This can be anything in which you have had creative input. Go shoot a video if you don’t have anything to submit. Collaborate with some like-minded friends and create the video piece you’ve always imagined making. It doesn’t have to be long (5-10 minutes). This is a way to show off your style and what you can individually add to their program.


  • Grades

Don’t blow off your grades if you are currently in school. Film school is hard enough to get into. Give yourself the edge of having strong grades in your transcripts. Good grades will also show the film schools that you can handle a rigorous academic schedule.


  • Diversity

Film schools are looking to see what you can add to their academic community. It helps to show them what makes you unique as a person. Tell the schools about your family background. Share your life experiences. Let them know about your interests and expertise outside of wanting to become a filmmaker. Showing the films schools that you are well rounded and unique will make you a very attractive applicant.