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by olakos2000

Report internet fraud

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Internet fraud is no laughing matter. Anyone could become a victim of Internet fraud. Statistics show that on average a person loses $1,500 as a result of an Internet fraud. One of the most popular Internet frauds is Identity theft. If you think you have been a victim, you should report it to an appropriate authority.

Here are a few ways to report Internet fraud:

  • Contact your bank. Bank email fraud is one of the biggest fraud activities on the Internet. You should have some Internet safety rules on how to treat emails that appear to be from your bank. The best way to report Internet fraud related to your bank is to go directly to the bank. Every bank site has an option or link where you can report fraud.  They will ask you to forward the fraudulent email to the bank security email and then they will deal with the problem.  
  • File a complaint. Another way to report Internet fraud is to file a complaint with USA.gov site. This site has multiple links for multiple Internet fraud categories such as child pornography, consumer complaint form, cyber fraud, identity theft, and Internet Investment fraud. If you think you have been a victim of the Internet fraud, you should report it to appropriate agency. Also USA.gov will give you more detailed information about Internet fraud. 
  • Contact police. If you have been a victim of Internet fraud that involved money or someone threatened your life, you should report it to the police. This is a serious matter that should be addressed immediately.