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by olakos2000

What is a file compare utility

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File compare utility is a tool that allows users to compare two files side-by-side. When you have two or more files, source codes, or directories that need to be merged or checked for duplicity, you should use file compare utility software.

Here is some file compare utility software:

  • WinMerge is a Windows file differencing and merging tool provided by Open Source. This software compares not just files but also folders and reports in text format for easy understanding.
  • KDiff3 is software that compares and merges more than 2 files. It is used to merge directories and text files.
  • XXDIFF is graphical file and directory comparator and merge tool. It is also a product of Open Source engineers.
  • FolderMatch is software that compares and synchronizes folders, drives, and computers. This tool also performs backups of emails, photos, and documents. By running this software, the user can eliminate duplicate files from the computer.
  • Altova DiffDog is differencing utility software that tracks, compares and merges text and source code files. It also compares advanced XML files.
  • Online file compare services. If you don’t want to install any software but still want to compare files side-by-side, you should look into free online tools. The basic concept of these sites is that you download two files, and the site’s system compares them giving you visual differential representation and also highlighting the difference.