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by olakos2000

Computer lcd monitors

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LCD monitors are a great addition to your office. They are very easy on your eyes and take up small space on your table, making it perfect for small space offices. 

Here are a few tips on how to choose the right computer LCD monitors:

  • Size.  On average, people prefer 22-inch screen. When choosing the right size, you should think about the type of work you are going to do the most on your computer. If you are a game player, then you should go for a bigger screen with higher resolution. If you use your computer mostly for internet, the size doesn’t make a huge difference and you should probably go for a smaller screen.  If you work with multiple programs and you always jump between program windows, you should probably go for several smaller screens.
  • Price. Every store offers different prices, depending on the technical specifications of LCD monitors. Check websites as well as stores for sales and discounts.
  • Warranty. When purchasing computer LCD monitors, warranty is one of the important factors to consider. For a reasonable fee you can protect yourself from any monitor failures. Although it’s not very common for monitors to have any problems, fixes may be costly.  
  • Reviews and rating. Just like when purchasing almost anything else, check for reviews and ratings. If a particular monitor has many negative reviews and ratings from buyers then you probably shouldn’t purchase it even the price is right. You should pay close attention to reviews that state the monitors’ durability.
  • Use side-by-side comparison tools. Side-by-side comparing tools are designed to help shoppers to be able to make the right decision. You can not only compare the price of computer LCD monitors, but also ratings and specs.