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by ImageBearer

Tips on Christian Marriage

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* Learn to walk and talk with God for yourself. God speaks.  Learn to listen for His   voice.          Prayer: it’s not reciting a laundry list  It’s a conversation.
* Share in that intimate,conversational walk with your spouse
          It’s important that you are experiencing God together.  Make time talk and pray
            with one another.  Your relationship will bloom like a beautiful flower.
* Seek out a handful of couples (3-4) who share your heart to live in community
             This is Life the way God meant it to be.  Sharing life together with couples
             who will love you and support you and be there for you.  No matter what.
             Ask God to show you who these couples are.
* Make sure each spouse has  male/female friends, respectively, and opportunities to meet with them
    This is basic.  Men need men.  Women need women.  It may be that the couples
     in your Fellowship of Hearts will be the ones you gravitate to.  You need someone who  “has your back”.
* Be each other's best friend
   This is pretty obvious.  Cultivate this friendship. Find shared interests or become
        interested in your partners delight  
* Husbands- discover what it means to be a man- an image bearer of God
* Wives- learn to be the Beauty he will fight for
* Be submissive to each other
        Yes, you read it right.  Another way of saying preferring others before yourself.
* Die to your SELF daily(or as  often as necessary throughout your day)
         This is so important.  Emulate the Apostle Paul: “ I die daily”.
* Make the Song of Solomon part of your love-making
         Read  it.  You’ll get the idea:)
* Keep the Honey in the Honeymoon
* Pray for and with each other
* Make money your slave not your master.    Money matters is the main reason for problems in marriages; and in divorce.           
         There is a lot of good help out there:  Ron Blue, Dave Ramsey.
* Live below your means
* Become big givers, not big livers.
         God gives increase for Kingdom Work…i.e.  His kingdom, not yours.  Give.
* Read _Love and War _ by John and Stasi Eldredge

Submitted by David Overly