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by olakos2000

Tips on selling on ebay

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Selling items on eBay became a very popular way to make money. There are several tricks you should implement to be a better online seller.

Here are a few tips for selling on eBay:

  • Find out if your item is a hot- selling item. Before putting your item on the auction, you should find out if there is a demand for your item. If your item is a hot item, then you can start with a lower price. If your item is in demand, people will bid on it, causing the price to go up. If your item is not hot item, then you should start with a minimal price you would like to get for it.
  • Use PayPal for payments. There were many incidents when buyers tried to trick the sellers into making a bad sale. The safest choice to receive payments from buyers is to do it through PayPal payment system. It is free and easy to set up.
  • Include item’s pictures. When trying to sell an item, you should include 2 or 3 pictures of this item. Statistics show that people are more willing to buy an item if there is a visual representation of it. Every time you attach a picture to your selling post, eBay charges you around 10 cents.
  • Use one flat shipping rate for the US. Another good tip for eBay sellers is to use flat shipping rate for the US. The rate to ship your item to different states will probably be different. However, if you charge your customers one flat rate, in general, you will save. Adding shipping rate calculator to your eBay post will cost you money.  
  • Use online postal services. Using online postal services will save you time and energy. Post office offers deals where they deliver shipping supplies right to your door. They also will pick up your packages so you don’t have to spend time to go to the post office to ship them.