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by Muzora

Tips For Speed Training Equipment

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Speed Training equipment can greatly increase your speed in any sport. Check out this list of great speed training equipment:


  • Running Parachute

Running parachutes are very popular in speed training. You can use a running parachute to build strength and explosiveness (air resistance) while training yourself to run with good form.

  • Weighted Clothes

You can greatly increase your speed by training in a weighted vest and/or shorts. Weighted vests/shorts allow you to add more weight as you build strength. Ankle weights and shoe weights can also be added to your regiment to build foot speed.

  • Power Sled

Train with a power sled to increase your sprinting speed and to build explosiveness. You can train with a push sled (push from the front with handles) or attach yourself to the sled with shoulder straps and add weight.

  • Assisted Resistance

There are several pieces of equipment you can get for assisted resistance training. Sprint vests contain a harness that attaches to your waist and shoulders. The leash that attaches to the harness allows your trainer to add resistance you your sprinting exercises (can also be attached to a weighted sled). Elastic resistance is also a good tool for speed training. These are waist/shoulder harnesses that are attached to elastic tubing. This allows you to attach the tubing to a stationary object to build acceleration speed. You can also attach yourself you another harnessed athlete and use each other’s momentum for resistance.

  • Speed Ladders

Speed ladders are very effective speed training tools. Speed ladders can greatly increase foot speed and agility. Acceleration ladders can train your muscles to maximize you acceleration through guiding your stride length. The rungs are adjustable depending on individual stride length.

  • Core-Building Tools

Strengthening your core muscles (abs, obliques) can greatly increase your speed. Medicine ball exercises are great for building core muscles. Weighted jump ropes can significantly increase your core strength and foot speed. Adding hand weights to your speed drills will also strengthen your core while teaching you to run with good form (utilizing your arms).