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by Muzora

Tips On Basketball Training Equipment

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Getting the right basketball training equipment can help you improve your game tremendously. Check out this training equipment to sharpen your skills on the basketball court:


  • Shooting

A Bandit Shooting Arm Machine can help you develop proper shooting form. It’s a plastic device that straps onto the inside of your arm. The Bandit’s main function is to keep your shooting arm at a 90 degree angle when you pull your arm up to shoot. Specialized basketballs also can improve your shooting. The Smart Ball is color coded to help you place the correct area of your hand on the ball. A Weighted Ball builds strength and helps you to shoot at longer distances. You can also get a Rim Reducer. This is a device that attaches to the rim and makes it more challenging to put the ball in the hoop.


If you are tired of rebounding for yourself you can set up a Shoot-A-Way machine. This machine encompasses the area around the basket with netting to catch most rebounds and sends the ball back to you on a track. This allows you to shoot multiple shots in one setting without wasting time on chasing the rebounds. This machine is pricey but it’s a top-notch training device used by championship basketball programs throughout the country.


  • Dribbling

Dribble Specs can be used to help your ball-handling skills. They are goggles that have plastic visors at the bottom. The visors disable you from looking at the ground when you dribble. Training yourself to look up while you dribble causes you to be more aware of defenders. It also helps you make better decisions when you pass or shoot the ball. Looking up while you dribble gives you better court awareness.


Another good device to use is a Naypalm. It’s an elastic band that wraps around your hand and alerts you when your palm is touching the basketball. One of the fundamentals of good ball handling and shooting is to use your fingertips when handling the ball. The Naypalm’s position on your palm trains your hand to use your fingertips more than your palms when touching the ball.


  • Passing And Rebounding

A Toss Back is an effective training tool for passing. It’s a square device with tight netting in the middle. When you pass the ball into the netting and it shoots the ball back to you. This allows you to pass the ball multiple times in one setting and builds the muscles you use for passing. A couple of good rebounding tools are McCall’s Rebounder and The Dominator. The McCall steadies the ball on a platform at an adjustable height (7 -12 feet). The metal basket at the top feeds the basketballs into the platform, allowing you to grab the basketballs repetitively. The Dominator has a basketball goal with an extended pad that helps you practice blocking out your opponent.


  • Strength And Agility

Equipment for strength and agility will improve all parts of your game, especially defense. Adding ankle weights to your defensive slides will increase your lateral speed tremendously. Weighted vests and shorts will also build strength and quickness. Another way to build overall strength is to train with a weighted jump rope.


Look into getting Platform Training Shoes (Strength Shoes, Jump Soles) if you want to increase your vertical leap and explosiveness. These shoes force you to train on the balls of your feet, causing your calf muscles to work harder than usual. Using a step-box will also increase your overall agility and foot speed. Two effective exercises for using a step box are: stepping quickly on-and-off the box from each side, and quickly hopping on-and-off the box from each side.