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by Muzora

Tips On Finding Good Acting Universities

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Acting Universities can provide the proper training an actor needs to pursue acting as a profession. I’ll give you some tips on finding the right university to train as an actor:


  • Do Your Homework

Good publications will give you the information you need on finding the right acting program for you. The best directory to use for this is the Directory Of Theatre Training Programs (available at any Samuel French store or samuelfrench.com). This will give you a reliable list of all the top theatre programs in the country and which area of acting the school focuses on (also updated annually). American Theater Magazine is another trusted publication that will give you information about top acting programs.


  • Online Search

Be careful when you are searching online. There are many sights that give inaccurate information or give lists that exclude top acting programs. A good website to visit is actingbiz.com. It’s very accurate and gives a comprehensive list of the top undergraduate and graduate acting programs in the country.


  • Undergraduate Programs

If you are seeking to get a B.A in theatre or B.F.A. in acting, you should look at undergraduate programs. The top undergraduate acting programs in the country are: New York University (Tisch School of Drama), Julliard, SUNY-Purchase, Yale University (not performance based), and Boston Conservatory (musical theater). Although most of the top undergraduate programs are on the east coast, notable programs on the west coast are: UC San Diego, California Institute of the Arts (Cal Arts), and UC Irvine.


  • Graduate Programs

Check out graduate programs if you are seeking an MFA in acting. The top graduate programs in the country are: Yale University, New York University, Yale University, American Conservatory Theater (San Francisco), Harvard University ART (American Repertory Theater), and Rutgers University. Other notable programs are University of San Diego (Old Globe Program), Boston University, and the National Conservatory of Theatre-Denver.


  • Studio Programs

There are great choices of studio programs if you live in New York or Los Angeles. Studio programs can offer certificated programs and often house world-class instructors. Here are some well-known acting studios that include locations in both New York and Los Angeles: The Actor’s Studio Drama School, Stella Adler School of Acting, and The American Academy Of Dramatic Arts. These acting studios have been home to formative movements within American Theatre (most notably The Actors Studio). Famous alumni from these studios include Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Candace Bergen, and the list goes on!