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by olakos2000

Recycle old computers

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If you have an old computer you no longer need, you should dispose of it by recycling in a designated place. Before you recycle your old computer, you should think about what happens to all information that you saved on your computer. Remember, it is your responsibility to secure all personal information and documents before recycling your old computer.

Here are a few tips on what to do before you recycle your old computer:

  • Take out the hard drive. Hard drive may contain a lot of personal information and documents. Before recycling your old computer, you should take out the hard drive. You still will be able to recycle all other parts. By keeping the hard drive, you minimize the chances of your privacy violation. Remember that when you delete files, you don’t remove them from the hard drive. You can also reuse the drive as an extra memory space.  Here are a few steps on how to remove hard drive from your tower:
    • Unplug your computer for your safety and pull the cover of your tower.
    •  Locate your hard drive. It is a metal box that is connected to the motherboard with cables and is usually located in the front of the case below the CD-ROM.
    • Unplug all connected cables to any inside computer components.
    • Unscrew any parts of the hard drive that are crewed to the tower box and pull out the hard drive.


  • Take out RAM. Another good thing to do before recycling your old computer is to take out your RAM. You can reuse the RAM sticks on your new computer to improve the performance.
  • Clean your hard drive. If you decide to recycle your hard drive with your computer, you should wipe it clean. This way all your personal information and documents can’t be retrieved. To wipe your hard drive you should use wiping utilities.