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by olakos2000

Photo sharing online

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Photo sharing became a very popular technique in online socializing. The main purpose of sharing pictures is to stay in touch with your friends and family. The beauty of sharing your photos online is the instant feedback from your audience. You can hardly find anyone who mails printed photos any more.

Here are a few tips for photo sharing online:

  • Create an online photo album. There are many online sites that let you create free online photo albums and share them with your friends and relatives. These sites offer free storage space and security tools to ensure a pleasant experience. Some sites offer printing services as well.   
  • Become a part of a social network. Another good way to share your photos online is to be a part of social networks such as Facebook or Myspace. The social networks offer you several security options. You can set it up as private, where only your friends can view them, or public, where everyone on the network can seem them. 
  • Use your email provider. You should also check your email provider for photo sharing options. Some email providers such as yahoo, msn, and google offer tools where you can create photo albums and share your pictures online with your friends and family. All instant messengers (like Skype or yahoo) also have photo sharing capabilities.  
  • Use blogs. Having a blog page is an excellent way to share your photos online. Many blog web-hosts will offer tools where you are not just able to view the pictures but also discuss them.