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by olakos2000

Email archiving solutions

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These days, email became a primary communication source. Business files, bank statements, pictures and other information are exchanged between users. As email boxes become overloaded, archiving becomes a necessary step for keeping track of all that information.

Here are a few tips for email archiving solutions:

  • Archive emails through Outlook. Outlook is a Microsoft program that comes with Microsoft Suite or Office. Outlook allows you to archive your emails to the hard drive on your computer. The easiest way to accomplish that is to turn Auto Archiving feature on. This feature will archive old emails after a certain period of time and move them into a specified space on your hard drive. 
  • Download archiving solution software. If you don’t have an Outlook installed on your computer or you want something more advanced than just saving emails to the hard drive, you can download archiving solution software. These software solutions run on the background and save all incoming and outgoing emails without interfering. Also, they offer features such as view logs, web control, one- click retrieval, and others.
  • Use add-on tools for regular free email accounts. None of the free email accounts like Yahoo, hotmail, and gmail can be archived to the hard drive. In order to archive emails from these email hosts, you need to download add-on tools such Yahoo Mail Plus, Google Postini, and others. The add-on archiving tools are not free.
  • Sync your free emails accounts with Outlook. Another good way to archive your emails is to sync all your free email accounts with Outlook and archive them on your hard drive. Some free accounts like Yahoo might ask you to upgrade your account for a fee. If that is the case, you should manually forward emails to your Outlook.