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by jasmineflower56

What is the best path toward technical writing careers?

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If you have a way with words and enjoy details, research, and problem-solving, especially in the fields of science and technology, a career in technical writing may be for you.

Preparation. A good way to train for such a career is to major in English in college and be involved with writing of all kinds: journalism, creative writing, etc. Search out internships with publishing houses, newspapers, and magazines to get lots of first hand experience. Volunteer at a local STC chapter (see below).

Projects. As a technical writer, you will be involved in projects ranging from compiling a computer software manual and drafting a company's terms of use, to writing catalogs and interpreting scientific data. Your job will be to make technical and often complicated rhetoric accessible and comprehensible to the everyman.

Loner or collaborator. You also have the option of working alone or with a tech writing team, as a freelancer or an employee.

Networking. To further network in the writing world, you can join the Society for Technical Communication (www.stc.org). Also, check out the National Association of Science Writers (www.nasw.org) and the National Writers Association (www.nationalwriters.com).

Job searches. Check out the online search engines Dice.com, techwritingjobs.com/tech-writing-jobs.php, technicalwriter.computerjobs.com. Apply for entry-level jobs at first: Get as much experience as possible.

C.V. Be sure that you have an impeccable c.v.; you can't afford to have a single typo when you're applying for a job that demands attention to detail.

Types of jobs. You will have to get familiar with the background of whatever project you work on, be it technology-related, medically-related, or related to science, web design, airplane mechanics, etc. You also need to be familiar with several types of software – whichever the job requires.