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by Muzora

Tips For Finding Summer Acting Classes

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Summer acting classes are a great activity for students who want to explore acting during their down time. Here are some tips I know to help you find great summer acting classes:

Are you looking for a basic acting class? Intensive?
Are you looking for a basic acting class?

  • Why?

Find out what kind of summer acting classes you’re looking for. Are you looking for a basic acting class? Intensive? For kids? Be aware of your acting level and why you want to take summer acting classes. This will guide your search towards classes that are more geared towards you.

  • Internet Search

Try an Internet search for summer classes in your region. Check out the school’s website to see if it is a legitimate school. Read online reviews (yelp, yahoo!answers). Be careful with generic online directories because they include any school that lists with the directory and can often leave out great schools.

  • Local Theatre

Check out community theatres in your in your area to see if they provide summer acting classes and acting camps. Taking classes at a theatre often gives you an opportunity to act in one of their productions. It can be very beneficial to take what you learn in class and apply it to a play you are performing in.

  • Colleges

Many college theatre programs offer summer acting classes. Call the universities and community colleges in your area to see if they host summer acting classes for the public. This gives you the option of studying at a top-notch facility (depending on the school) with a respected faculty and capable student teachers.

  • Ask Somebody

Ask people in the arts community to recommend good summer programs to you. Find out if the classes are taught by reputable teachers. Asking knowledgeable people can be an excellent research tool for you. Asking their opinion can save you from spending a great deal of time and money on schools that aren’t worth it.