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by Muzora

Tips On Finding Colleges For Acting

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Finding colleges for acting can be overwhelming. Here are some tips I know that will make your search for acting schools much easier:

Check out acting studios
Check out acting studios

  • Focus

When searching schools, find out the areas of acting they focus on. Is the school known for musical theatre? Classical plays? Film acting? This will help guide your college search based on the areas you want to focus on as a student.

  • Acting Studios

Check out acting studios if you live in New York or Los Angeles. These are schools that specifically focus on acting. Acting Studios are a good choice if you are looking to take only acting classes and are not particularly interested in a undergraduate/graduate degree (although some offer certificates). Many famous actors came out of acting studios and a few are home to major schools of thought in the acting world (The Actor’s Studio, Stella Adler Acting School etc.)

  • Universities And Conservatories

Many universities and conservatories have excellent undergraduate (B.A., BFA) and graduate acting (MFA) programs. Universities and conservatories are a good choice if you are looking for extensive training and also desire a degree in acting. Getting a degree in acting (especially an MFA) also gives you the option to teach. It’s important to note that some of the most renowned acting programs in the world are housed at American universities and conservatories (New York University, Yale University, Julliard e.g.).

  • Research

Research the top rated acting colleges in the country. You can do this by finding a trusted college rating publications. The best publications for researching acting schools are the Directory of Theatre Training Programs and American Theater Magazine (available at samuelfrench.com). Search the Internet for school directories, but be cautious of inaccurate websites. Actingbiz.com has a great directory of undergraduate and graduate acting programs. Also don’t be afraid to ask people you know in the arts community if they recommend any schools. Familiarize yourself with the best schools in the country and see which ones you should target.