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by Muzora

Tips On How To Find Teen Acting Classes

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Teen acting classes can be very helpful to a teenager interested in acting or seeking to improve their public speaking skills. Here are some tips I know on how to find good teen acting classes:


  • Acting Schools

Search for acting schools in your area that provide after-school or weekend classes. Find classes taught be reputable teachers with respected bios. Acting schools allow you to choose the level you want to train with. It can be very beneficial learn from your peers in a group class who are all on the same level.


  • Acting Coach

Find a good (and recommended) acting coach if you seek to get more individual attention. One-on-One coaching is usually more expensive than a group class, but it allows the teacher to focus on particular areas in your acting that need training.


  • Local Theatre

Local theatres can provide great teen acting classes. Being part of a local theatre also allows you the opportunity to perform in youth productions. This can give you a great deal of practical experience along with the classes you take.


  • Performing Arts High School

If you are more serious about acting, you can look into going to a performing arts high school. These are non-traditional high schools that are geared towards preparing students for pursuing a life in the performing arts after graduation. Students are usually required to audition in order to be admitted.


  • Research

Read online reviews of the acting classes you find (yelp, yahoo!answers). Check out the school’s website and read the bios of the instructors. Visit the facilities of the classes you want to attend and get a feel for what the classes are like. Ask people you know who are involved in acting to recommend good classes to you. Find out as much information as you can. Watch out for scam classes that promise you work through acting and modeling (John Robert Powers, Barbizon e.g.). Don’t waste your money!