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by Muzora

Tips On How To Take Weekend Acting Classes

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Acting class can be extremely helpful to an actor or someone seeking to improve their public speaking skills. Here are some tips on how to find the right weekend acting classes:


Figure out what kind of acting class you want to join
Figure out what kind of acting class you want to

  • Search

Look at what acting courses are provided in your community. Search for local theatres, acting studios, and community colleges to find basic acting classes.

  • What Kind?

Figure out what kind of acting class you want to join. If you are a beginner and seek to learn acting fundamentals, I would recommend joining a group class as opposed to individual coaching. This way you can learn the basics from watching others in the class and get feedback from your fellow students. Individual coaching is helpful for the more serious actor who wants to focus on a particular script or area of their acting.

  • What’s Covered?

Find out what the focus of the acting class is. Will they be working on classical text? Auditioning? Improvisation? Breaking into the business? Know what area you want to work on and choose the class that’s right for you.

  • Audit

See if you are allowed to audit the class. Observing the class as a visitor will allow you to get a feel for the teacher, the students, and the general atmosphere of the class. It’s important to join an acting class that is positive and encouraging. You will get a good feel of this if you visit the class in person.

  • Work Of Mouth

Ask your actor friends about the classes you find. The best ones will usually be through word of mouth. Also be wary of classes that seem cult-like. They can be mentally/emotionally abusive. Try to get a second opinion from someone you know in the entertainment business.

  • Beware Of The Scam

Beware of acting teachers that ask for more money to manage you. Agents/managers make their money off commission and refer you to trusted acting teachers. You shouldn’t ever give your acting teacher money if they promise to get you work in return. That’s usually a scam.