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by alacritous6

What are the best ways for making your own wedding invitations

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Making your own wedding invitations is a warm, simple and economic way to announce your wedding and reach out to your guests. Just follow these easy steps and be on your way to making your own wedding invitations.


Chose a theme.  Your invitations should reflect your wedding's style.  Use the theme of your wedding or the color scheme in your wedding invitations.  Making your own wedding invitations is a chance for you to use your creativity and let your personality shine through. 


Research.  Look for ideas and examples of wedding invitations.  You want your home made invitations to be just as professional looking as the more expensive ones.  Wedding and bridal magazines are full of fun, creative wedding invitation ideas. Cut out ideas that you like, morph a few invitation examples together or exactly copy an exquisite sample in your own wedding invitation design.


Purchase what you need.  Fabric, stationary and paper stores have all you need to make your own wedding invitations. Purchase cardstock and paper in the colors, patterns and textures that you want, along with scrapbook glue, fine tipped pens for addressing, and envelopes that fit your invitations' shape and size.  Make sure to buy invitation accessories if you plan to use them, like ribbon, photos or vellum.


Design your invitations. Create the wording for the invitations on your computer. Play around with font and color options.  These days the etiquette for words is fairly lenient, say whatever you wish, just make sure to include your and your fiancé's full names, the location, date, and time of the ceremony. Also include the location and time of the reception and an RSVP in the invitation. 


Print out the words on the paper of your choice on your home computer. If you have many invitations or are printing on paper of a smaller size or different shape, it might be more economical to pay a print store to print however-many-hundred you need.  If at all possible, print many copies on one large sheet of paper and then use a paper cutter to cut the paper into the shape and size you need later on.  This way you save money on printing costs and save some trees.


Put everything together.  After you have everything you need, begin the invitation assembly. If you have more than a 100 invitations you might want to seriously think about enlisting some help in putting everything together. You can't possibly put hundreds of invitations together alone!  Ask your bridesmaids, fiancé, parents, friends and even the groomsmen to help.  One great way to quickly put invitations together is to work together in an assembly line - having each person with a special task of gluing, cutting or addressing.