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by olakos2000

Protection from spam

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SPAM is unsolicited e-mails that sent by other individuals, business, and newspapers; also known as junk mail.

Statistics show that 97 % of all emails are SPAM. With new much better anti-spam technology, email hosts are able to shield us from receiving unsolicited e-mails. Solicitors find more creative ways to send their ads and messages every day. There is a constant competition between email hosts and solicitors.

Here are a few tips on how to protect your network from SPAM:

  • Don’t enter your email addresses into unknown sites. It is very important for your own personal privacy to keep your email addresses safe from the eyes of solicitors. Even though email hosts are doing everything they can to protect you from overwhelming SPAM numbers, you should be very careful when giving away your email address. Some sites are asking to register by providing your email address. If that is the case, you should check the registration contact for the part where the site agrees not to give away or sell your email address. If the agreement doesn’t say that, you should know that your email address is likely to be shared with spammers.  Open a separate email account for such situation where you have to give away your email. Once that account gets overwhelmed by SPAM, open a new one. By doing so, your primary email address has more chances of staying SPAM-free.
  • Purchase anti-spam software. Sometimes you need some extra protection from SPAM. By purchasing anti-spam software, you are increasing your chances to stop SPAM partially or even completely. Software offer features such as spam control, spam reports, and spam statistics. 
  • Alter your email box settings. Many email hosts offer different options that you can choose from to stop SPAM. You should check your email inbox settings, to make sure that anti-spam option satisfies your needs.