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by olakos2000

Optimize computer performance

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When a computer doesn’t perform the way you want it to perform, you become very frustrated and impatient. There is nothing worse than a slow computer. Don’t worry! With few simple ways, you can increase your computer performance.  

Here are a few ways to optimize your computer performance:

  • Remove unneeded programs. One of the good ways to optimize your computer performance is to remove programs that are no longer in use or never been used. To do that you go to Start ® Control Panel ® Add or Remove Programs. Remove programs that you don’t need. 
  • Turn on your automatic updates option. You should keep windows automatic updates option on because Microsoft always comes up with new updates to improve the performance. Many of the updates target to optimize computer performance.
  • Remove temporary files. Every time you download a file from the Internet or open a file in read-only option, your computer saves all these files in temporary folder. These temporary files take up space and decrease your computer performance. To delete these files you should do the following:
    • Go to My Computer
    • Right click on drive C. Property window will open.
    • Click on “Disk Cleanup” button. It might take a few minutes to scan your hard drive.
    • Disk Cleanup window will appear showing file folders that can be deleted. You should view files first to make sure that you are not deleting something that you might need later. Uncheck file folders that you don’t want to delete and click OK.
    • Temporary files will be removed.
  • Add RAM. Some times when you are working with big files, you computer takes up a lot of time to process your transfer requests. It does it due to insufficient memory space. By adding another stick of RAM to your existing RAM, you will speed up your transfer speed tremendously.