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by olakos2000

recycle computer monitors

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Many people own several computers during their lives and most of them own several computer monitors as well. In early 90’s you could dispose your monitor by using a regular garbage service. Since then garbage regulations changed and you no longer can throw away your monitor into the garbage bin. There are several computer/monitor/TV recycling places where you can dispose your computer equipment with a little or no fee at all. If you put your monitor in garbage, you will get a big fine from the City authorities.    


Here are a few tips on how to recycle computer monitors:

  • Search on line for the closest recycling center. The best way to search for the closest recycling place is to go online. The search engine will show a list of local recycling businesses that take computer monitors for free from private individuals. If you own a business and you have more than 5 monitors to recycle, these places might charge you a little fee. 
  • Use yellow pages. If you don’t have access to a computer, then you can use yellow pages. There you can find recycling shops with their addresses and phone numbers. You should call them first to confirm their working hours and any fees they might charge. Some shops are open only during the week days.
  • Contact your computer manufacturer. Some computer manufacturers offer recycling services. You should check your computer agreement. Usually, they will pay for shipping and make delivering services to come and pick the monitor up from your home at no charge.