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by olakos2000

Using the internet for research

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Internet is a great place to do your research about anything you want. Millions of websites and white papers float online waiting to be opened and read.

Whether you are writing an academic paper or searching for product information, the Internet opens up an unlimited opportunity to do that. When you are doing an academic research, there are online libraries that offer their members millions of books, journals, and articles.

Usually online libraries charge a small fee, but students and faculty might qualify for a special discount.     

Here are a few tips on how to use Internet for research:

  • Use main search engines. When doing your online research, you should use big search engines because they have a better navigation and querying capabilities. Some search engines divide their searches into several categories such as shopping, maps, news, images, and web.     
  • Sign up for online libraries. If you are doing a scholar paper, you should sign up for online libraries. There are several types of online libraries. The major ones are medical, technology, business, education, philosophy, and religious studies. Some libraries require a small annual fee. If you are a student or a faculty, you should check with your school. Almost all schools have subscriptions to major online libraries and offer their services for free. 
  • Use key words. The main success of online research is to use key words properly. Even if you have a question, try to keep it to a couple of key words. Search engines use key words to search for articles.
  • Use Cached feature.  Another good trick to know is to use Cached feature. It is usually located after website name in a search engine. Cached feature helps readers to see key words in the desired article. It is a big help when you are searching for specific information but don’t have a lot of time to read the whole article. Cached feature will highlight key words in different colors.