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by olakos2000

PC cooling fans

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All computers require installation of cooling fans. They play a very important job by providing an instant cooling service to your computer. Internal computer temperature rises constantly from working hard drives, video cards, and motherboards. If your cooling fan doesn’t work properly, your computer parts can overheat and melt. Many computer cases come with extra slots for cooling fans. Due to power increase in computer components, there is a bigger need for cooling fans.   

Here are a few tips on how to buy PC cooling fans:

  • Check Requirements. When buying a cooling fan to replace your old one, you should check for the fan slot diameters. Some people assume that all cooling fans come with standard dimensions but some fans that have more cooling power are a little bigger than the regular fans.
  • External cooling fan. If you have a working cooling fan but you still need more air to cool off your computer surfaces, you should look into external cooling fans. These cooling fans are perfect for laptops and servers. Also if you like playing computer games, your computer will need extra cooling power. They are USB compatible, so you don’t need to have a special port to plug the fan in. 
  • Noise reduction. All cooling fans produce noise. When choosing a fan, you should pay close attention to the part where it specifies how noisy the fan is. Some fans have a noise reduction feature installed in them. These fans cost a little more, but they will be worth it in a long run. You also should check the fans’ reviews that other people leave.
  • Warranty. When buying any technology, it is nice to have one with warranty. Almost all computer stores sell their computer components with 2-5 year warranty.