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by Muzora

What Is The Best Way to Take Dance Lessons Online

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Finding good online dance lessons will help you improve your dance skills without leaving your house. Check out these tips on how to take dance lessons online:

  • Find A Partner

You must find a dance partner in order to learn partner dancing (ballroom, salsa, swing, marenge, country dancing, etc.). Find a partner who is at the same skill level you are. Finding someone who is close to your height will also make it a bit easier on both of you. Also consider the size of your partner (and yourself) if you eventually want to learn acrobatic lifts.

  • Websites

Expertvillage.com is a great source for free videos that teach comprehensive lessons in many different dance styles. You can also search YouTube for instructional videos although you will have to weed through some junk content. Learning2dance.com is great source that mainly focuses on partner dancing (various styles). They do charge to watch full videos but also offer free portions for some of the basic steps. Mindbites.com is also a pay-website and provides lessons in a wide range of styles including hip-hop and break dancing.

  • Train Your Body

Dancing requires a great deal of dexterity from your body. Make sure to stretch before each lesson and on the days that you don’t dance. This will improve your form and help you to execute difficult sequences. It is also a good idea to do some cardio workouts to build up your stamina once your start advancing to longer dance sequences.

  • The Advantages

The main advantage of taking dance lessons online is that you can start and stop the video until you have completely mastered each move. This will help you to learn each move correctly before moving on to the next one (making the sequences look much cleaner). You can also practice each move in front of a camera while referencing the video in front of you. This will help you critique yourself if you don’t have large mirrors to practice in front of.